The Pursuit of Happyness

Maybe it's true that work ennobles man. But I prefer not to become like a beast. —

I spent a whopping 26 years of my life in Italy, living in a small village between Padua and Venice. It was all pretty average, the typical routine — going out with my girlfriend, playing football with my friends, practicing karate, and eating pizza at the same old places.

Oh, what a thrilling life, let me tell you! But hey, I wasn't complaining.
I felt so damn lucky!

Dough 💶

I started working at the tender age of 15, not because I was a prodigy or anything, but because I wanted to be independent.

Plus, let's face it, living in a provincial culture that thinks a university degree is for losers doesn't really inspire one to pursue higher education. But working in factories and construction sites left a mark on me and gave me the kick in the ass I needed to hit the books.

The day of my graduation arrived. It was December 23, 2007, and the weather was so freaking cold! After defending my thesis, Professor Sperduti bestowed upon me the title of "Doctor of Computer Science."

My friends and family clapped and cheered, but let me tell you, things didn't go as smoothly as I hoped.

The work wasn't hard to find. It took a few weeks, but I eventually landed a job as a programmer for a consultancy firm in Padua that works with the public sector. The contract was that of a blue-collar worker: